Opening hours

We are open more often and longer again! Which means, from Friday to Sunday from 17:00 for a bite and a drink.

On performance days we are always open from at least an hour prior to the performance until at least an hour after the performance.




Fancy Streetfood Diner

27, 28 en 29 december | €22,50 | Places limited and reservations required

Between Christmas and New Year's Eve, Plein Theater & She Who Makes Noise organize a full evening program around the visual live music performance CANVAS. Celebrate the end of the year week in a festive atmosphere with visual art, a delicious dinner, the CANVAS performance and a fantastic party after each performance!

Every dish from Patricia's kitchen is based on a passion for beautiful ingredients from our nature and from her heart. "Tjemplung tjemplung" as my mother said, "a little bit of this and a little bit of that"; That's how I got recipes transferred. My style? Fancy Streetfood, with a hint of my Indonesian, Moluccan roots.

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