Creative ideas wanted from Amsterdam East district! #GetInvolved


Plein Theater believes that everyone can give meaning to a vibrant cultural district in their own unique way. Do you live or work in Amsterdam East and do you have an idea for an event or a suggestion for a program in Plein Theater? Do you want to create a meeting place, start a dialogue or organize an evening around a topic that affects you? Do you want to share your story or show your art project to the world? Let us know!

We like to offer space to as many stories and perspectives as possible that Amsterdam East has to offer. And we are happy to think along with you to make your idea a success. Of course, your idea must fit the vision of Plein Theater, and we offer options within given frameworks. We organize various programs where your input can be of good use.

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Walk-in neighbourhood comittee

A walk-in consultation hour/neighbourhood comittee takes place every last Friday of the month at 16:00 in the Plein Theater. Anyone with ideas for the Plein Theater is very welcome to come along and discuss his or her ideas in the council. We might implement your idea!

For more information, please contact Creative Producer Bibi Trompetter via getinvolved @ plein-theater.nl

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