Practical and technical information for performers

Will you be performing on our stage soon or are you organizing an activity? Plein Theater welcomes you! View our practical information here and download our technical factsheet. Before a performance can be performed, you agree to the General Terms and Conditions.


The Plein Theater in Amsterdam East has a unique, intimate and cosy atmosphere. features an theater hall / auditorium with a performance floor of 7.8 x 7.8 m and 80 seats (can be expanded to 93 seats with a row of chairs in front of the tribune). There is a piano available (Schimmel Model 130T Traditional, use in consultation).

Behind the theater is a dressing room for artists with mirrors, a toilet, a sink, ironing equipment and coffee and tea equipment.

There is a spacious foyer/dining room with a manned bar next to the theater for the public.


To avoid surprises, we ask that you submit a technical checklist, risk inventory and lighting plan well in advance.

Check our technical page for the technical specifications.

General terms and conditions for programming and rental

Download our general terms and conditions for programming and rental here. For more information about renting our theater, see our rental page.