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Also this year the Plein Theater is participating in the Amsterdam Fringe Festival!

Amsterdam Fringe Festival shows a mixmash of theatre, performance and dance from new, emerging and untamed talent for 11 days every September.

We present a multidisciplinary programme of over 60 artists, from diverse backgrounds, origins and futures.

Our showcase festival is a haven for experimentation and provides a stage for new creators and stories. Amsterdam Fringe Festival is an ode to theatrical madness, the independent spirit and a plea for artistic freedom. A thick, intimate embrace of experimentation in the truest sense of the word: one whose outcome may yet truly surprise you.

The whole city is our playground; from rooftop to club to theatre, from North to South, you'll find us for 11 days at some 30 locations all over Amsterdam.



Amsterdam Fringe Festival in Plein Theater 2023:


Vloed - Sanne van Dijk

A production with storytelling and puppetry about being stucj and finding the courage to break free

A woman bathing, shriveled by the water, corroded by time. What is she holding on to? She dreams of the freedom to stray from the beaten path, free from norms and conventions. But how does she do that when adapting to the norm feels safe and comfortable? What can she do when life experiences and their consequences keep her imprisoned? There is more beneath the calm surface than you would initially suspect.

VLOED is an intimate performance with storytelling and puppetry. Drawing from a well of personal stories, Sanne van Dijk creates a tragicomic production about being stuck and finding the courage to break free. Through themes such as boundaries and desire, and (budding) sexuality, she asks herself: why is it so scary to color outside the lines? And, who draws those lines in the first place?



It's my party and I’ll die if I want to - de la Klum (aka Assi Weitz)

‘one-man-rave' – a confession of a dance-addict

A man dances on stage to a dynamic party mix accompanied by a vibrant VJ. The flow of dance is interrupted by short intervals: A sip of water, a change of outfit, live mixing music, the telling of an anecdote. A ‘die hard’ dancer, the man navigates the rhythm of the rave scene, oscillating between conformity and disruption. A personal encounter with the public, this performance offers an intimate reflection on life's fundamental questions: How do we choose to live? How do we wish to die? And finally, will we join the dance?

The show is followed by a live dj set for every night:
7. September DJ Reve
8. September DJ Phoenix
15. September DJ Vanja Rack & Serena
16. September DJ Hobe Lasai



A Fist Of Tongues - Sunni Lamin Barrow

A conversation with time in relation to the three versions of myself

After..., Sunni Lamin Barrow sends an invitation to his past self and his future self. This invitation intends that both of them honor the call with their attendance at a round table conversation, but on one condition: they must bring along their wounds, fears, and unresolved silences in order to clear the tensions. Will he succeed in uniting them as a whole, or will he just add more fuel to the fire and awaken old traumas and uncertainties which he swore he had outgrown? In this performance, which combines storytelling, music, and dance, Sunni testifies about what it means to be queer and African and about how one’s parents are sometimes the foundation of who and what one becomes.



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