Thursday 08 February
Theater // 20:30 // € 17,50

Line up: Andrea Hackl
Open: 20:30 - 22:00 hrs
Tickets: € 17,50 / Regulier: €17,50 | CJP/ Student: €15.50 | Kunst(vak)student: €13.50 | Stadspas groene stip: €4,50 | Vrije toegang voor leden van We Are Public | Inclusief welkomstdrankje

Live performance & poëtische reis, een vloeibaar organisme van film, dans & muziek door Andrea Hackl (concept, visuals, film & dans) in samenwerking met Antoine Viard (collectief COAX, Parijs, muziek & sacofoon)


DREAMER by Andrea Hackl

Live performance & poetic journey, a fluid organism of film, dance & music by Andrea Hackl (concept, visuals, film & dance) in collaboration with Antoine Viard (collectif COAX, Paris, music & sacophone)

In some cultures it is believed that we are living in a dream.
You might then ask, who is and can we step into a dialogue with the dreamer? .

When we listen, we might hear that pulse within us, calling and guiding us home to the source. And if we follow the call, then we will meet her and dance our dance with the dreamer.

Transformation and Empowerment are essential themes of Andrea Hackl's work and also DREAMER is inspired by a journey of coming home to and celebrating our inner creative life force.

DREAMER is a poetic quest, an alchemical journey, traveling through different dimensions. Like a dream, an experience to let wash over you - sensing, feeling, hearing, seeing..... While the performers invite onto a journey here and now, through within, we are equally taken onto a journey outwards – both journeys being part of one another.

DREAMER is an ode to our inner connection to the source, to nature, to the elements

Andrea’s performance, truly innovative in style and content, has deeply impressed and enriched me. With her sensitivity as an artist and innate talent, she’s made us have the extraordinary experience of perceiving the breath of nature – the rhythm of life. The performance demonstrates how much authentic art elevates and expresses feelings, emotions, universal values; in short, human existence.

– audience reaction to DREAMER

The evenening at Plein Theater will feature live performance & solo concert by Antoine Viard. 

The performance is supported by Collectif COAX, Paris