Tuesday 25 February
Theater // 18:30 // € 12,50
Dance Workshops Movementalist

Open: 18:30 - 20:30 hrs
Tickets: € 12,50

In this inclusive practice, we offer a training that aims to bring out the need to move in an authentic way. The tools of professional dancers/ choreographers Vincent Verburg and Dayna Martinez Morales which they developed through out the years of creating their own and joint work, gives the mover possibilities to explore authenticity by a structured but open approach towards the essence of dance.

The assignments put the mover in state to find inner movement necessity and give tools to develop a true sense of self. From there departing to explore new ways of moving. A physical and mental training that transcends form, style and any other popular dance technique. With in this practice, the body is central and the starting point of movement.

This approach is open to all discipline in dance and it is suitable for all levels.

“Dance in its essence is human and should be discovered by everyone.
Dance in its essence is an expression of freedom and should be available for everyone.
Dance in its essence is a ritual that celebrates life by allowing any kind of agreement or disagreement to exist.
Dance in its essence is breath and inner rhythm. Dance in its essence is your body singing its own voice.
Dance in its essence is inclusive by all means – Dance should not judge - never be judged, Dance should not exclude - never be exclusive.”

For the practice you don’t need any knowledge of dance technique or style. You will not learn how to move – you already can move! We want you to discover your own groove expressed by the shapes and qualities you discover during the practice. There will be individual movement assignments as well as dynamic group movements. The practice is lead by Dayna or Vincent. For the practice you should wear comfortable cloths, you can dance bare feet or with socks.

See you at the practice!

Costs 12,50 (ten-class card 100,00) cash or tikkie
Practice: Tuesday 18.30-20.00 (January: every second Tuesday of the month)
Location: Plein-Theater, Sajetplein 39, Amsterdam Oost
Contact: 0629292453