Friday 17 September
Theater // 20:30 // € 13
Triple bill: Moord // Through their roots // Unseen

Line up: Cinzia Nistico // Larysa Bauge // Fani Konstantinidou
Open: 20:30 - 22:00 hrs
Tickets: € 13 / CJP/ Student: €11 | Kunst (vak) student: €6,50 | Stadspas groene stip: €3,50
Language no problem // English below!

Cinzia Nistico, Larysa Bauge en Fani Konstantinidou presenteren een driedelige collectieve performance rond het thema Kwetsbaarheid. Hun performances bestaan uit geluid, beeld en lichaam en verkennen nieuwe manieren van samenwerken binnen hetzelfde onderwerp.


Cinzia Nistico, Larysa Bauge and Fani Konstantinidou presents a three part collective performance on the theme of Vulnerability. Their stagings involve sound, vision and body, and explores new ways of collaborating within the same subject.

Moord - Cinzia Nistico

Moord is an audiovisual performance that stretches the act of killing  and explore it from the prospective of the victim and that of the perpetrator. The attention is to the inner void that precedes and accompanies the murder and the loss of integrity and identity experienced by the victim. The analog visual effects, similarly to the live-digital soundscape, wrap up and often to shadow the flutist and her sounds. Her very existence is questioned throughout the performance. The focus is on the murderer inner state and their self-perception posing question on the very reality of their existence and accentuate the victim’s vulnerability.  

Music/electronics: Cinzia Nistico  //  Live visuals: Esther Urlus  //  Flutist: Klaasje Nieuwhof

Cinzia Nistico is a composer and interdisciplinary artist. Her main focus is the psychological impact of sound and the emotional load it carries. In her projects she explores themes of identity, reality and perception of changes. In her music she generates structures that are both static and evolving at once. She uses the natural pulsation of sounds to create minimal counterpoints. She graduated in composition in London (Trinity College of Music) and in Milan (Conservatorio di Musica).Her music has been performed in Europe and in China, Russia and Uzbekistan. And in festivals among which Milano Musica (IT), ADE (NL), Rainy Days, (LU) Open Days (DK), Amsterdam Fringe Festival.

Esther Urlus is a Rotterdam-based artist working with motion picture film formats Super8, 16mm and 35mm. Resulting in films, performances and installations, her works always arise from DIY methods. Kneading the material, by trial, error and (re) inventing, she creates new work.[Text Wrapping Break]Urlus’ work has been exhibited and screened at film festivals worldwide, among other 25FPS festival Zagreb, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Sonic Acts, and the International Film Festival Rotterdam.  

Urlus is the founder of WORM Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam, an artist-run workspace dedicated to motion picture film as an artistic, expressive medium.

Esther Urlus

Klaasje Nieuwhof finished the Young Talent Class, Bachelor and Master at the Amsterdam Conservatory, with Harrie Starreveld, Abbie de Quant and Marten Root for traverso and Baroque interpretation. In 2010 she won the 2nd place of the Open National Flute Competition. She completed a Master in contemporary music and music theatre at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste with prof. Matthias Ziegler. She collaborate often with composers and was a founding member of the ensembles Looptail and Project 128 


Through their roots - Larysa Bauge

In this performance Bauge explores the topic of vulnerability through the notion of force feeding. "We are force-fed with the ideas of who we are, just like children are force fed with the food they hate". Primary physical material in this piece is the typical eastern european food - beetroots.  "It is both a recurrent folkloric element and a symbol of heavy life of peasantry to which I was told I belong. It is also the food I hated and was force fed, earth-smelly and bloody-like". 

Larysa Bauge is a performance artist raised in Belarus and currently based in Amsterdam. She was trained as an orchestra conductor, composed scores for films and worked as a DJ. Since 2016 she focuses primarily on visual and performance art. In her work she challenges the concepts of identity and belonging, exploring female body as an autonomous zone. 

Bauge’s work is shown internationally in museums, art spaces and festivals including: Venice International Performance Week, Oslo Performance Art Festival, Riga Contemporary Art Biennale, Delhi Contemporary Art Week and  Istanbul Performance Art Festival among other.


Unseen - Fani Konstantinidou

Unseen is an audiovisual performance - music composition inspired by W. Reich’s book Hey Little Man. The work aims at exploring the aspects of vulnerability from a political, cultural, and psychological perspective and explores the interrelation between sound and image. Sound recordings and images blend together with computer generated sonic material, creating a world of contrasts: real, imaginary, visible, invisible, seen, and unseen realities.  

Fani Konstantinidou is a Composer and Sound Artist interested in the sonic imprints of cultural, cross-cultural, and social identities. Her work is characterized by urban and rural sonic environments, spoken language, culturally associated musical instruments, and computer generated sounds. She produces shifting sonic textures that circulate between drones, noise, arrhythmic melodies and atonal rhythms. With her music she explores the potential and the antitheses between analogue versus digital, and aims at musical dialogs and public communication through sound. Her latest solo album, Winter Trilogy/The Big Fall, is available by Moving Furniture Records.