Dutch Performing Arts takes action for the children of Gaza

For the children of Gaza there is literally and figuratively no way out. There is hunger, thirst, the noise of planes, drones, bombings and the ever-present grief. They are on the run, but where to?

The theater makers of Ayyam Al Masrah (Theatre Day Productions) are at work in this chaos; in the overcrowded schools, in the relief camps or on the streets. They create a place where sorrow, loss and fear are shared. Where people play when words fail. Where people laugh, children can relax and remember what it is like to be a child.

We, companies, theaters and makers from across the spectrum of Dutch performing arts, understand how important their work is for children. Right now. From February 19, we will start a multitude of actions to support Palestinian makers to continue their healing work and to continue giving workshops. We guarantee that every cent donated goes to the makers in Gaza and therefore to the children of Gaza.

It is needed! Now!

Benefit evening March 8

ZID Theater and Plein Theater are joining forces for a benefit performance of 'Circles' on Friday, March 8, during International Women's Day! Zaher Hamzat and Issam Zemmouri, two dancers from different traditions, enter into a personal and artistic dialogue with each other. Various dance influences come together harmoniously. To show support for the women and children in Gaza, all proceeds from this evening will go to theater makers Ayyam Al Masrah (Theatre Day Productions), who currently offer theater workshops in Gaza at reception camps, school buildings or on the streets, and help children remember what it is like to be a child. to be.

Before the performance we organize a dinner (maklouba) and after the performance there will be live Palestinian music by Alan Nedhal, Muhanad Mhannaya and Aya Benni and the short documentary 'Gaza's war through a child's eyes' will be screened.

Dinner from 19:00, the performance 'Circles' starts at 20:00

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