Sporen van Haar the Podcast

Sporen van Haar is a theaterproduction by the Plein Theater in collaboration with Kula Skoro and a collective of performing artists, on the occasion of the Slavery Memorial Year 150 Years of the Abolition of Slavery of the Netherlands. From October 2023, the performance will tour to various theaters in the Netherlands! In Sporen van Haar de Podcast we go in conversation with the makers. Tune in and immerse yourself in the making process against the background of current topics.


Episode 1

In the first edition of the Sporen van Haar Podcast, Philip Bakker (podcastmaker) talks to the theater makers Berith Danse (director), José Tojo (Maroon dance and co-director) and Bartel Meyburg (scenography and concept) on the day before Keti Koti. The creative process, the themes and sources of inspiration behind the performance, as well as the Slavery Memorial Year and the Royal Apologies are being discussed.

Episode 2

In the second episode, in the midst of rehearsals, Philip Bakker talks with co-makers Angelika Naingie (dance, theatre, poetry), Alexandra Loembé (dance, theatre), Ivo Bol (composer) and José Tojo (Marroon dance & co-director). We zoom in on the creators' perspective in the making off. Who are they? What do they bring in? Where are the rehearsals resulting in? And why is this performance – especially nowadays – so important?



Info&Tickets: www.sporenvanhaar.plein-theater.nl



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