Contemporary dance by choreographic talent at Moving On!


Moving On!

Plein Theater devotedly offers a platform for dance, performance and experiment. In our vision, we give talented makers the opportunity to develop and present themselves. Therefore we are very excited to collaborate with ICK Artist Space. The production house for dance ICK Artist Space supports the development of young choreographic talent. They propose adventurous programming by a new generation of makers for a monthly dance evening at Plein Theater: Moving On! With Moving On! we sustain as a stage for contemporary dance and pursue to act as a stepping stone for new, promising makers.

The artists of ICK-Artist Space are quirky, promising, daring and curious. Choreographers who focus on the body and search for their own language of movement and who, aware of the fact that the body carries different meanings within it, explore, challenge and show dance and movement from various perspectives.  They often work in a multidisciplinary way and translate their social commitment from a very personal, autobiographical point of view.



Thurday 28 September 20:30
Moving On! - (don't) look me in the eyes
Ainhoa Hernández Escudero

Thursday 14 October 20:30
Moving On! - Iraqi Bodies & Teach me not [Double Bill]
Liza Sulaiman & Wojciech Grudziński

Thursday 9 November 20:30
Moving On! - Sway
Andreas Hannes


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