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In the summer we open the doors of our production house!

We welcome the multidisciplinary artist and choreographer Dorit Weintal as Artist in Residence at the Plein Theater. As an Artist in Residence, also based in Amsterdam East herself, Dorit got the opportunity to further develop a theater performance together with local residents for four weeks. She collaborates with the trombonist/multi-instrumentalist and composer Salvoandrea Lucifora.

"I believe in the transformative power of art and its potential to stimulate social change, to promote growth, experimentation and sustainability in the creative field. This credo motivates me as a person and as an artist." – Dorit Weintal

In creating and researching the performance, there were several open rehearsals for which participants could join and were involved in the creation of the sound and scenography. Performers and audience together created the 'liminal passage' on stage.

A festival version of 15 minutes can be seen on August 2 at the Pride East on Javaplein and on August 4 and 5 a full work-in-progress presentation will be presented in Plein Theater. On November 18, The Liminal Passage, which is being developed in this summer residence, will premiere in Plein Theater.


'The Liminal Passage' by Dorit Weintal & Salvoandrea Lucifora

'The Liminal Passage' is an performance at the intersection of movement, sound and voice by the duo Weintal & Lucifora (Weintal - multidisciplinary artist, choreographer, dancer. Lucifora - trombonist/musician-performer, composer and media artist).

Inspired by Liminality in anthropology, the piece explores the gap, 'le rite de passage' between fear and surrender; we experience it alone, but are empowered together. A dancer and a musician together with the audience form a layered microcosm, visually and sonically, testing the boundaries between spectator and performer. The performance is developed as part of the summer ‘Artist in residency’ program at Plein Theater.

Directing, choreography, dance/ performance, voice: Dorit Weintal
Composition, music, performance, voice, multimedia sound: Salvoandrea Lucifora
Coproduced by: Faido Company & Plein Theater
The residency is made possible in part by: Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel Oost and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

Program & Tickets

Wednesday 2 August 16:45
Pride Oost at the Javaplein
15 min version

Plein Theater

Summer residence work-in-progress presentations (tickets €4.50 including welcome drink):

Friday 4 August 20:30

Saturday 5 August 20:30


The Liminal Passage by Dorit Weintal and Salvoandrea Lucifora:

Saturday 18 November 20:30 (Première)

Sunday, November 19, 16:00




Dorit Weintal

(IL/IT) is a multidisciplinary artist, and choreographer based in Amsterdam and travels internationally as a maker, performer, and teacher. She is the artistic director of Faido Company & Dofai foundation. She holds Masters degree in the theory of Arts and Architecture  (“from Structuralism to Deconstruction in architecture” - Tel Aviv University 2001).

Her work is concerned with human consciousness, social sustainability and identity explored through dance, music-theater, films, video installations, and poetry. Physicality, words, voice and filming technologies are treated as symbolic tools to create a critical approach to the human condition. She has long term interest in Eastern philosophies and practices. Her artistic background includes dance and the performing arts, writing, voice work, sculpting, and painting.

In Europe and Israel she has collaborated and performed with various directors and companies including Clipa Theatre, Simon McBurney, Kenzo Kusuda, Simon Rowe (Le Ballet C. de B.), Acco Theatre centre, Ron Bunzl, Gabriella Maiorino, Vincent Verburg,  Elshout& Handeler, and others. Since 2000 she has presented her work in South Korea; South Africa, South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East.



Salvoandrea Lucifora

Salvoandrea Lucifora (1990) is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, multimedia artist and educator from Sicily, based in Amsterdam and active in the European creative music scene. He plays low brass instruments, his main instrument being the tenor trombone and he also plays on tuba and sousaphone. Salvoandrea’s voice on brass instruments is the result of an integrative process that reflects his passion for jazz and his exploratory attitude toward music, which has led him to enrich his vocabulary with the use of a wide range of extended techniques and to explore the extreme sound possibilities of the instruments. His musical research aims to expand the horizons of his sound and explore the creative processes of improvisation.





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