We stand with women in Iran | Women, Life, Freedom

In Iran there's a new generation of women who are standing up against the oppression from the Islamic Republic.
Their courage is immeasurable. But the opposition is fierce.
We are worried and that's why we want to take action!
Will you join us?
Will you show you're solidarity with: Women, Life and Freedom?

At this moment there is a change going on in the streets, young males and females are finding new ways of living together as a society. There is no longer space for the old and outdated contradictions. With young females in the front lines fighting the inequlaties that were created by the rulers to opress solidarity. Male and female, Non binary people, people from different backgrounds, young and old, people with high education and lower education, people of different religions, people with different sexual preferences and coming from big cities or small villages - they all fighting against the oppresion of the Islamitic Republic as one.

But the sytem and their riot police has costed the last to weeks tens of innocent people their lives, it left hundreds of people injured and thousands of people imprisoned or disapeared and these numbers are rising every single day.

With anger and tenderness,

Berith Danse
Handan Aydin
Soheila Najand







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