Look back // National Neighbour Day // EAST& Right About Now INC. @ Joris Ivensplein

Saturday September 24
11:00 - 16:00 Free Entry

On Saturday September 24, EAST&, the pop-up culture house in Amsterdam East organised together with RIGHTABOUTNOW INC a program for local residents at the Reuring Market on Joris Ivensplein at IJburg. The public square was filled with the sounds of an innovative mix of music, spoken word and comedy. There were workshops for parents and children and a carousel for the little ones. And of course there was the cozy and lively Reuring Markt where passersby could do their daily shoppings while enjoying the performances.



Hens Solo, AKA Berend Hensema, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and rapper from Amsterdam East. Funky synths, groovy beats, catchy hooks and fresh high-end Hollywood pop with a lot of hip-hop sauce. Last summer he performed at big events like: North Sea Jazz, Round Town, Lowlands and Woo Hah!

Jerry Island is an artist and producer who grew up in the small village of Oosterend on the island of Texel. In 2017 Jerry had a huge success with the Bridde Boys collective and released a few more solo works after that. At the beginning of this year, Jerry made the switch to Dutch rap and after a lot of experimentation his sound is now a fusion of Pop, R&B, Rock, Soul and Hiphop. Jerry Island signed with the musiclabel ROQ 'N Rolla Music at the end of 2020.

Under the name Mushroom Mosis, songwriter and vocalist Damani has been making music since 2014. He recently released his second EP 'The Wellspring' with a lot of soulful and personal songs about how much life has changed in the last 2 years.

Eva Skeete Mc Leed is a singer-songwriter with a unique style of storytelling which translated into her music. Eva is heavily influenced by reggae, soul, funk and jazz music. Eva describes herself with the quote: 'My guitar is my therapist, my music in my therapy, my voice is my medium'.

DJ Pitcha is one of the most charming and coolest female dj's coming out of the glamorous city of Paris. She started out as a dancer, roller skater and actress and has since become an established DJ. Her many influences in pop, swing and alternative music are responsible for the quality of her music, and her good mood puts a smile on everybody's face.

Spoken word

Geoffrey van der Ven is a Dutch-Nigerian spoken word artist with a focus on the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ stories we don't hear anywhere else. Because without representation, stories disappear from the public eye and lose their meaning. Geoffrey won the “Poet of the Year” award at the Queer & Feminist poetry awards and his performance called 'It is not new' about Africa's hidden queer history premiered during the Fringe Festival (2022).

Daniëlle Zawadi writes prose and performs spoken word. She discusses topics about her bi-racial background, about friendship and growing up. Zawadi has been published in: de Optimist, de Gids, Awater, Hard//Hoofd en de Wintertuin's Notulen van Het Onzichtbare. In 2021 she made her debute in the theater world with her one-woman show 'alstublieft, Zawadi' at the Fringe Festival in Amsterdam.


Robbie Wallin is an actor, theater maker and comedian. In his debute performance BAKFIETS, he talks about how the Amsterdam around him is changing. Robbie combines elements of stand-up comedy and storytelling and will host the show this afternoon. Together with his good friend Joshua, he forms the duo Josh&Robs and they will spread good vibes all around IJburg!


From RIGHTABOUTNOW INC. a DJ workshop for children and youngsters will be organized under the guidance of DJ Pitcha. At the end of the afternoon the kids have the change to try their dj skills at the main stage with the other artists.

also for children of all ages and their parents, there is a workshop called 'color your square' organized by de Rode Loper op School at Joris Ivensplein. Under the guidance of artist Suzy van Schaik, large black-and-white photos of Joris Ivensplein are used to ask children how they would like to color this square with drawings and collages based on their own fantasy.


EAST& is the new pop-up culture center in Amsterdam-East where collaboration is central and connections are made between local residents and the many talented and diverse creatives and artists in the district.

An initiative of:


This edition is a co-programming with RIGHTABOUTNOW INC. and a collaboration with Reuring Markt.

Made possible by: AMVJ Fund, Municipality of Amsterdam East District & Performing Arts Fund

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