Request // Stories of loss and grief


My name is Marte Boneschansker, I am a theater maker associated with Amsterdam-East. For my audio performance I talk to people about their intimate subjects and share their story with the audience. Now I'm looking for new stories.

For my new performance ROUW in collaboration with Plein Theater I am looking for stories of mourning and loss in this neighbourhood. All forms of loss are welcome. Have you lost someone? Laid off? Lost your house? Your relationship? And who are you without what disappeared? I am specifically looking for stories that took place in East Amsterdam. The interviews last an hour. The sound recording is used anonymously in the performance.

Are you from this area and have a loss story you'd like to share? Email me! Do you want to know more about the project? See www.marteboneschansker.com. Looking forward to your message <3

Contact: info@marteboneschasker.com / 06 17473059


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