News! // FOODCHAINZ on October 7, 8, 9, 14 and 15!


Plein Theater and Het Markttheater are happy to welcome you for an evening full of delicious food and theatre! FOODCHAINZ is an intermediary project and evening-filling program consisting of a tomato dinner with special table guests, an exhibition HARVEST FROM THE HOOD, an audio tour From Farm to Plate and the theater performance FOODCHAINZ!


Bring in the tomatoes!

Three actors and a food designer pay tribute to the Tomato. They examine our relationship to the food chain on the basis of these vegetables/fruits taken for granted.

How can we appreciate what is so common? And how can our food be a means of change? For FOODCHAINZ, the actors of Het Markttheater interviewed farmers, culinary historians, market makers, food utopians and wild pickers. They agree on one thing: things have to change in the food chain. But how? FOODCHAINZ is a theater feast and a culinary meditation in one, which can be seen in October in the Plein Theater in Amsterdam-East.

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