News! // PRIDE in Plein Theater with Sappho de Potkast, a love tragedy between two women!


Plein Theater and Annie Gerretsen present the music theater performance with PrideAmsterdam 2021: Sappho de Potkast! To be seen and listened to on Saturday 31 July (premiere!), Sunday 1 August, Tuesday 3 August and Wednesday 4 August at 19:00 and 21:00.

Sappho de Potkast is an operatic musical tale that can not be missed. It hesitates to be a podcast or a rock opera. A love tragedy between two women that will crunch, ache and flame! After such a heck of a story, you just want more. A lesbian encore that will reverberate for a long time to come.

love, the noblest fruit, of heaven and earth.
Love, causes pain and tells fairy tales.


With the honoured classical poetry of Sappho, this performance can not go wrong. But pots will also be broken. It seems inevitable. Because if love is not allowed to exist, there are only losers.

The performance is brought live via wireless headsets, with which you can take a seat on one of the Greek islands at the Sajetplein in Amsterdam East.


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Performance: Naomi Antonius, Pascal Kijzer, Annie Gerretsen, Hanna Koppenaal
Voice: Rinze Lich
Arrangement: Rene Lenting
Piano: Pascal Kijzer
Dramaturgy: Nienke Tjallingi
Script and music: Annie Gerretsen
Translation: Aart R.P. Wildeboer en Pierre J. Suasso de Lima de Prado
Singing coach: Marjolein van de Hombergh
MVS-audio producer: Robert Weijers
Image: Paulina Matusiak & Eddy Wenting | Plein Theater

Made possible in part by Mensen Maken Oost, Amsterdam Stadsdeel Oost and MVS Gaystation.

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