News! // Movement Expo Aceleratio Livestreams from the NDSM Fuse!

Dance & theater collective Movementalist presents in collaboration with Plein Theater the Movement Expo Aceleratio livestreams from the NDSM Fuse from May 27 (première) to May 30!


The art of slowing down in times of a pandemic.

Aceleratio is an interdisciplinary performance installation that aims to confront the online audience with conflict, freedom, courage and consolation, arose from the need to embody this era. Artistic leaders Dayna Martinez Morales & Vincent Verburg are the initiators of Aceleratio Movement Expo.

Ten experienced and very different performers in dance, theater, music, visual art and spoken word engage in a physical and mental process to understand on a deeper level how feelings and thoughts manifest themselves in our body during COVID-19. Inspired by the effects of the pandemic: Acceleration of thoughts, emotions that seem more extreme and the art of slowing down.

From different perceptions, the audience becomes a online part of intimate performances, each in its own poetic space. For one a search for freedom or connection, for another a confrontation with oneself or an ultimate surrender.

Performers: Andreas Denk (dance), Cherif Zaouali (physical theater), Dayna Martinez Morales (initiator / performance / dance), Isaac Espinoza Hidrobo (music / dance), Kathrin Gramelsberger (dance), Lieuwe van Gogh (visual art), Roberto Callisaya (music), Sjaan Flikweert (spoken word), Vincent Verburg (initiator / performance / dance), Pablo Alanes (Audio Visuals & Soundscape)
Costumes: Inez More
Lighting design: Petyr Veenstra
Online Direction: Thomas Brand
Producer: Movementalist
In collaboration with: Plein Theater
With support from: NDSM Fuse
Made possible by: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds & Amsterdam Fund for the Arts


Movement Expo Aceleratio

Livestreams: From Thursday 27 May to Sunday 30 May at 20:30

TICKETS from €7,50:
27 MEI 20:30

28 MEI 20:30

29 MEI 20:30

30 MEI 20:40

Aceleratio Video Exhibition

From Thursday, May 21 to Sunday, May 24 and from Thursday, May 27 to Sunday, May 30 from 12:00 - 17:00 (continuous)

A reflection on the pandemic from the perspective of international dancers from Bolivia, North-East India, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon and Togo. The exhibition is realized with the donations to the Aceleratio Sneak Peek Streams and Movem! For Aceleratio practices via zoom.

Dance: Yumi Tapia Higa, Maria Elena Filomeno Nuñez, Isabel Aillon, Carmen Collazos, Oscar Zelada, Manuel Apaza Cari, María José Rivera (Bolivia), Haman Abott (Uganda), Tchina Ndjidda (Cameroon), Oluwabukunmi Olukitibi (Nigeria), Tom Jules Samie (Togo), Tanveere Kaure Khanna, Tarali Das, Jyoti Prasad Rabha (North East India)

Location: NDSM Fuse | NDSM Square 29
Event and exhibition space at the top of the NDSM shipbuilding shed


The Role of the Body Now!

Conversations about the role of the body by Movementalist with performers and makers from the dance world and speakers from the field of anthropology, science, philosophy and anyone interested in movement / dance / performance crossovers and the body!



Movementalist consists of choreographers duo Dayna Martinez Morales and Vincent Verburg. Movementalist makes productions, installations, performances and organizes experiments and interventions in the public space of which the audience becomes a part. They initiate workshops and exchanges with artists and realize contemporary dance theater performances and productions at NL and abroad with artists from different disciplines from all over the world.

Website movementalist / Aceleratio


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