Live at Plein Theater // 5 MAR 2021 // Amsterdam Talks Sex # 7: Menopause

Plein Theater and Zehra Handan Aydin present new editions of the Amsterdam Talks Sex series from March 2021! Intelligent conversations about Sex and everything you may not have known, but have hoped for!

In the (online) talk shows, Handan sheds light on different sides of sexuality by interviewing different experts with their views on this topic. Current topics are discussed such as the menopause, queer community, Big Pharma and pills for free sex, trafficking in women and the emancipation of machismo.

Handan is a sex, love and relationship coach for women and men all over the world. With the Amsterdam Talks Sex series, Handan wants to show sexuality in its entirety and make it open to discussion.

“A lot of what we've learned about sex is actually not what we want to know. For example, many people still look to porn as their example. And at the other side of the spectrum, you have the Disney movies and romantic movies with ideas about how we should organize our personal lives. There are so many shades in real life. I would like to show that, because sex is the place where we can be ourselves. "

Amsterdam Talks Sex can be viewed live online every two weeks on Friday at www.plein-theater.nl. When possible again with a live audience in the Plein Theater!

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This first edition of 2021 is about the taboos and myths of menopause. Guests are Marleen Schlüter (Naturopath and Body-oriented Psychosocial Therapist) and Marianne van Katwijk (Spiritual Sexual Women Empowerment Psychologist).

Marleen Schlüter is a Naturopath and Body Psychosocial Therapist. In practice, she guides women to go through the menopause more joyfully and to be able to experience unity with themselves and others in and after this phase of life.

In search of an intense inner connection with herself and the world around her, Marleen has been learning and developing all her life around the theme of evolution of humanity. Her motto: "Living in freedom, full of confidence from a loving power in deep connection with myself and others."



Marianne van Katwijk is Spiritual Female Sexual Empowerment Psychologist / Coach who helps women unleash their inner wild magic and awaken them to their natural feminine blueprint of excitement and pleasure, bringing sexual sovereignty and wholeness.

She is among the top 1% of holistic and integrated sexuality coaches in the world and works as a professional psychologist / coach with individuals and groups.


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