Movem! For Aceleratio | IMPULSE Practices

Every sunday 11:00 CET and every thursday 20:00 CET

Move yourself to move others! Move for Aceleratio!

We offer open online practices: IMPULSE, by Dayna Martinez Morales and Vincent Verburg (Movementalist)

In this practice you will non-stop dancing for 40-60 minutes. Exploring soft/ hard, staccato/ liquid and rhythmic dynamic movement patterns as well as practicing space awareness and authentic (inner) movement. Releasing through expanding and shrinking, synchronizing breath and movement, conforming/ confronting your physical and mental structures.


Participation: On donation (suggestion: €5,-)

All donations go to the performance installation Aceleratio !

For more information and register mail to dans@plein-theater.nl

Newsletter Impulse: http://eepurl.com/g3F5Sn


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