News // 25, 26 & 27 januari: Aceleratio Sneak Peek Streams by Movementalist

Movementalist and Plein Theater present Aceleratio Sneak Peek Streams on 25, 26 and 27 February. A peek of the performance installation Aceleratio that will be shown in the NDSM Fuse in May 2021.

In the last three of the series of six 'sneak peek' live streams from Plein Theater, the viewer peeks 'under the skin' of the performers. Intimate, fragile and powerful images of individual performers depict the art of slowing down in times of a pandemic. Inspired by the effects of the crisis: A slower body, acceleration of thoughts, feelings that seem more extreme and the need to embody this time. Every performer looks for connection in his own poetic space.


25 February      20.00 CET         Sjaan Flikweert (Spoken word)

26 February      20.00 CET         Dayna Martinez Morales (Dance) & Roberto Callisaya (Flute/percussion)

27 February      20.00 CET         Andreas Denk (Dance)                                   

Camera: Pablo Alanes | Light: Petyr Veenstra | Costume: Inez Meer

Tickets for the Sneak Peek Streams are available from € 1 up to an hour before the start. After buying a ticket, you will receive a link to the livestream half an hour before the start. You can also support Aceleratio extra by making a donation!

More info & Tickets (NL) >>

Do you like to watch from anywhere else on the world then from NL?
Then you can register for the streams here >>.


Aceleratio is a performance installation by dance & theater collective Movementalist made possible by Plein Theatre, which aims to confront the online and offline audience with struggle, freedom, courage and comfort. Ten experienced and very different performers engage in a physical and mental process to understand at a deeper level how our feelings and thoughts manifest in our body during COVID-19. Live streams and live performances come together in an interdisciplinary final performance installation that can be visited in May 2021 at the NDSM-Fuse in Amsterdam.

More news about Aceleratio can be found after the last Sneak Peek Stream on February 27 at www.plein-theater.nl and www.movementalist.nl.

Made possible by: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, NDSM Fuse and Plein Theater

Movem! For Aceleratio

Every Sunday 11:00 and every Thursday 20:00, the makers of Aceleratio, Dayna Martinez Morales and Vincent Verburg offer open workshops at ZOOM! More information >>


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