Live at Plein Theater // 04 DEC 2020 // The Role Of The Body! NOW!

Movementalist initiates conversations with various danceperformers and makers (the Netherlands, South America, Africa and India), speakers from the field of anthropology, science and philosophy and anyone interested in movement / dance / performance cross-overs and body!

The Role of the Body! NOW! each time highlights a different sub-theme and is moderated by Francisca Rijken (dance educator, dancer) and Dayna Martinez Morales (dancer, maker and dance educator).

For this conversation of The Role of the Body NOW! we invited Maureen Angelica Vrijdag (Performance Art/ Physical Theatre), Natalia Salloum (Art & Sience), Saskia Kroonenberg (Italian literature & Philosophy/ Poetry & Dance), Damar Lamers (dance teacher/ maker/ experience expert).

Topic this time is: The restricted body.

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