PLEIN THEATER presents: Zomerplein! Workshops to create a new world!

The world is mixed up and we need you to invent a whole new world for people to play in!

In the summer we build a new world on the square at the PLEIN THEATER. We build things with bamboo, we create a party in the trees and give colour to everyting. We make hats from milkcartons and create art out of the box. 

Every funny Friday from the 10th of July until the 14th of august from 14:00 until 18:00 we work on the new world.


Who gives the workshops?

Curators of Zomerplein are Karin Arts and Richard Neef van Restvorm, who create interactive objects, recycling art and acts of experience.

They collaborate with professional artists who make creations for a new world, such as CHONK and Studio Saar.


How to participate?

For participation in the workshops we ask €10 per workshop per child. For this they can participate as long as they want, the workshops last from 14:00 to 18:00. Register for a series of six workshops? Then you pay € 45 once.

Does your child have a city pass with a green dot? Then you can participate in the workshops for only € 2.50! Just be sure to take your pass!

The workshops are most suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old. For children under the age of six, we ask the parents / carers to stay with it.

Parents / carers can sit on the terrace or in the Eetlokaal, while the children participate in the workshops. In good consultation, children can also stay with us without parents / carers.

Due to limited number of places, registration is required!

You can register by sending an email to coordinator Kaori Hanai: Zomerplein@plein-theater.nl

State the name and age of your child, the date and time of arrival.


Zomerplein! Workshops to create a new world!


Every Funny Friday 

Building Bamboo in Asia

Every funny friday there is a freestyle bamboo building workshop.  

See what you can do with a lot of bamboo and some elastics. You can connect the sticks and create constructions. These constructions can be connected together to create even bigger constructions. How big can you build?



July 10th 14:00u - 18:00u 

Picado in Mexico America 


The public creates the decorations for their own party.  

a DIY social gathering. Surrounded by rolling sewing machines and other eye catchers. 

Fiesta is an interactive installation where we invite children to cut out mexican decorations in an artistic way. The mexicans call this papel picado. 

Everybody can use his or het imagination, take a sciccors and start working. The artworks are sown together and hoisted into the trees. This way your artwork becomes part of the new world. And it will stay there for weeks until the festival ends. 



July 17th 14:00u - 18:00u 

Old style Europe


When you visit the living room of "krijt" everything is black like in an old black and white movie. You are invited to give this old fashioned world color. There is music from the old times while you work. 

Everything can be colored, even the guard in the black suit! In all this blackness sometimes a red object can be found. You can also hear things and sometimes magical bubbles appear. 



July 24th 14:00u - 18:00u 

Recycling in Africa


Tetra-Town is a coulourfull street-studio of recycled milk- and juice-packages. Chairs, stools, lamps, pillows and even our parasol is made out of empty packages. It's a combination of fashion, theater and recycling. An old fashioned record player plays a country song on the 

Tetra-teracce. People enjoy the sunshine or look for shadow under the Tetra-parasol in a Tetra-beach chair. 



July 31th 14:00u - 18:00u 

From the plastic soup in Oceania  

Boks je kunst!

Every box is filled with unique materials that were collected carefully. Children open up the box and hopefully open up themselves to look around in their own world. What things do we throw out that can be usefull? They can make a unique piece of art with a personal story. 

Art education for children in a unique box.  

Box your art is an art education project by Saar van Gerwen and Ellen Janssen. 



Friday August 7th & 14th  14:00u - 18:00u

Unknown destination

Sometimes you travel without knowing where you're going. You're just going somewhere. This is often the most exciting way to travel. Something strange can happen. Sometimes you end up in a far away country, sometimes with the neighbours. These days we also don't know what will happen and where we will end up. But something is going to happen. You'll see.


Zomerplein! is made possible by AMVJ-Fonds. Plein Theater is supported by Stadsdeel Oost



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