Theater beyond our borders

Theater makers and artists also have a hard time outside the Netherlands during the Corona quarantine. Their work has stopped immediately and they are often at home without any support for  the arts.

PLEIN THEATER got in touch with a number of them in countries such as Sudan, Bolivia, Honduras, Ecuador and the US. They talk about their situation and how they feel. One of them would play in the PLEIN THEATER in March with the Birth / Nacer project that was canceled on March 13.

These groups previously worked with Theatre Embassy, ​​a theater development organization that our director led for many years. The Theatre Embassy archive is now in the PLEIN THEATER and will soon be accessible again for research.


Listen to their stories in their own language. If you want to donate something, that is of course also possible. We ensure that it arrives directly to them.

No PayPal account? You can also deposit at NL35 INGB 0006 024836, attn 'Stichting PodiumPartners', stating 'Donation Theatre Embassy'

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