From 14 to 22 November 2020, the second Vrije Vloer Festival would take place in the Plein Theater; The festival for personal experiment with endless variations and limitless exorbitance!

Once again the theaters had to close and, in collaboration with 529 Mediaproductions, we converted our theater into a TV studio and recorded the various solo performances and monologues that were made by our co-creators.

From September to November, 24 participants made personal pieces in Dance, Creative Writing and Theater Making, under the lead of our passionate makers Gita Hacham, Merel Smitt, Jurrien van Rheenen, Dayna Martinez Morales and Vincent Verburg.

We would like to share these highlights with you in Vrije Vloer TV!


Vrije Vloer TV

Vrije Floor TV is a series, where 24 co-creators take you into their self-opinionated corona monologues and performances.

Under the guidance of five enthusiastic makers, they have been able to develop in the field of theater making, creative writing and dance improvisation in the Plein Theater in a few months. Each episode is a collection of unique and moving stories, shown by Amsterdammers.

Watch the episodes of Vrije Vloer TV here!

Vrije Vloer Podcast

You can also listen to the Vrije Vloer Podcast!

In this Vrije Vloer Podcast, director Berith Danse talks with the makers of podium for co-creation De Vrije Vloer 2020: Vincent Verburg, Dayna Martinez Morales, Merel Smitt, Jurrien van Rheenen and Gita Hacham.

Some of these makers have been involved with the Plein Theater for a long time, others only recently. Each of them has different skills and work experience. They know very well how to make people excel on stage. But because of their own backgrounds also what it is like to be an outsider, to represent a minority and what it costs to remain authentic.

In this Podcast you get the chance to learn more about the makers behind the podium for co-creation De Vrije Vloer in surprising and insightful interviews!

Who are they? And what are they creating in the Plein Theater?