Donderdag 7 november  21.00 -  21.45 uur

Zaterdag 16 november  19.30 -  20.15 uur

Come and enter No-Man’s-Land! The stage that belongs to no one, where everybody is allowed to be, and everything comes together. The free space that can be filled with dance, theatre, performance, text, music, visual art. Light and everything else! The unexpected happens. It’s raw, it succeeds or fails, amazes and makes the audience laugh just as it moves them. The Evenings of Improvisation are events during which performers with different backgrounds and experience, and of different disciplines, take the stage together to create live. It’s a melting pot of experienced performers, new makers, practitioners and curious members of the public, guided and curated by choreographer and dancer VINCENT VERBURG.

Verburg is a choreographer/improviser who blends different disciplines on the stage. For the VRIJEVLOER Festival he asked several non-professional dancers and other artists to come together using music, live visual art, and text to make instant compositions on the stage. The only thing he gives the participants is freedom from the fear of failure. The audience becomes a part of a journey of discovery.