Making Theatre


Theatrical Meetings

Vrijdag 9 November  19.30 -  21.30 uur           Different locations in the building

Vrijdag 15 November  20.30 -  22.30 uur         Different locations in the building

In recent years theatre maker Edit Kaldor has been conducting artistic research in the international context on the practice of contemporary theatre making. She is developing methods and tools for creating performances which can be used both by artists and by people with no previous artistic or performing experience.

In the Plein Theatre she set up an artistic laboratory with theatre maker Jurrien van Rheenen and Kobbe Koopman (responsible for the documentation) to work with people from Amsterdam. The team guided and supported participants in imagining, developing and realizing theatrical encounters based on personal experiences. During the VRIJE VLOER Festival the workshop participants will show the outcomes of the process of the past months to the public for the first time.

The Meemakers/Co-creators are:

Djilani Sprang-Purperhart
It’s six AM and I hop on my e-bike. Travelling from Diemen to Amsterdam. On my way to teach a seven AM Yoga class. The whole city seems to be asleep. It’s quiet. And just for a brief moment Amsterdam seems to be all mine. This is without a doubt one of my favourite everyday experiences.

Ehsan Fardjadniya
I'm generally interested in people's opinions, stories and thoughts. I'm always analyzing their body movements and verbal responses to find ways to open them up, telling things about myself and also listen to them. Many people think I'm too social and so sometimes I need to hold back so I don't make others feel intimidated. In conversations I like to challenge and break general conventions and prejudices.

Heva Osman
I love acting and singing. What I like most about the theater is expressing myself and attracting the attention of the audience, influencing them, and letting them receive what I have to say.

Igor Bogaert
Three starting points in Igor’s work are:
-Use words to reveal your emotional reality to others
-Continue to be surprised about the world around you
-With a minimum of resources achieve a maximum of result

Joseph Anderson
The reason I find Dungeons & Dragons so fascinating is the way it functions as a tool for building, engaging with and sharing collective fantasies in a way that's both liberating and powerful. There's a dizzying sense of freedom while we engage in make-believe with a group of other people and weave characters and worlds together in our imaginations.

Kobbe Koopman
I am a young theatermaker involved in the documentation of the process, and in the workshops.My fascination lies with the function of fantasy. The ways in which our daily imaginations influence our perception of reality. Who we are if we take our daydreams as dead serious.

Maya Moore
The most intense moments I look forward to every day are the moments in which I'm together with friends, am playing with my daughter, enjoying the quiet with my partner, working towards a goal creatively, I communicating (verbally and non-verbally) and walking in nature. I have a motto: simplicity is the ultimate refinement, being attentive to small things makes life very different.

Rufino Henricus
My perfect day is a day where I'm invited intellectually, creatively and physically to do, create and imagine things that are fun for me.

Tarek Muazen
I like to do theater because it reflects what is happening on the ground. From the experiences of my journey and the journeys of the group, I believe we can deliver a vision that will heal and inspire the people on the ground.

Tirza Gevers
Every person has their own story. There are parts of it that you often, maybe even eagerly, tell. To yourself, to others. You repeat them. Every time you share them with someone this story grows stronger. I’m interested in precisely those conversations that are not just about these embedded recountings. But also contain experiences, memories, that are singular. That have no place yet. That are yet to be given words.

Vincent Versteeg Roelof
I connect best to fire and water signs
Then to air and last to earth signs
I can learn most from the people who I find hardest to connect with
So, earth signs

Xi Zeng
This summer I did a radio program at podcast BNR, the host asked me and the other Dutch guy to compare the Dutch and Chinese education system. Since then a question keeps on popping in my head: Do the education systems nowadays in the world try to cultivate better human beings, or just focus on making profitable products as a chicken farm does?