The makers

Edit Kaldor (Hungary) will set up an artistic laboratory with participants from Amsterdam East who have no previous theatrical experience. There will be workshops, during which the participants will be coached in the development and realisation of theatrical encounters based on their own experiences. Edit works with amateur performers and, in her work, merges reality and fiction in a special way. She integrates various digital media in a refined yet straightforward manner. Kaldor lives in Amsterdam and works all over the world. Her productions, which expand the boundaries of theatrical convention, have been presented in more than 30 countries in Europa, North and South America, Asia and North Africa in recent years.

Gita Hacham (Sweden/Netherlands) is writer, director and visual artist. As a result of her extensive education – from Film academy to Das Arts (Master Theatre) – she has developed into an interdisciplinary maker. She writes plays and scenarios, and directs her own work as well as the work of others. In her Masterclass, Hacham encourages the participants to share their own stories from Amsterdam East. She will also give a Masterclasses “oral story telling”, playwriting trainings, performances, and video lessons.

Dayna Martines Morales (Bolivia) Dayna’s points of departure are the traditional dances of her homeland Bolivia. She seeks connections between old and new culture, identity, ritual and transformation. During these evenings, PLEIN THEATER aims to make dance more accessible. Dayna Martines Morales and Vincent Verburg of ‘Movementalist’ invite people who transcend interdisciplinary dance style and discipline to get together and work on a performance as a group. These are recurrent evenings for a curious audience, who wish to participate in the creation of a new and exciting form of interdisciplinary collaboration between experienced performers, innovative makers and neighbourhood residents who also contribute dance experience from their own culture