Amsterdam Talks Sex #3.4 : Free a girl

Free a Girl supports activist organizations worldwide that do everything they can to free girls from situations in which they are sexually exploited. On a daily basis, sometimes at the risk of their own lives, they set themselves up to gather evidence by going undercover in brothels or conducting online investigations as cyber security professionals.

The work of Free a Girl does not stop as long as children are sexually exploited and do not dare to report it, but also as long as the perpetrators are only sporadically punished. To bring about lasting change, Free a Girl is therefore working with its local project partners to tackle impunity by providing legal support to victims in reporting crimes, sharing information about suspects with the police and training criminals. police and justice on SEC combat and investigation.

In order to achieve sustainable results of the liberations and the fight against impunity, it is important that victims end up in a safe situation. They therefore receive acute medical care and mental help to cope with their traumas and to prevent them from being victimized again.

free a Girl works with local organizations and supports their activities because we believe in the local knowledge and capacity of partners. In addition, Free a Girl has set up two programs of its own:  School for Justice and Smart Rescue.

In this episode Handan speaks with Hans Bassing: business partner and regional ambassador for Free a Girl. He gives lectures and local fundraising campaigns.


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