BINNENSTE BUITEN / Inside Out – Monologues 
Donderdag 7 November 19.30 -  20.15 uur

Zaterdag 16 November 21.00 -  21.45 uur
OOSTERPARK – Poetry and  film 
Zondag 10 November 14.30 -  14.45 uur

Vrijdag 15 November 19.30 -  20.00 uur

Discovering your voice as a writer. Writing Course (and so much more) by Gita Hacham 

I teach people to write from themselves. They are the first source. Only when they have dared to write about themselves authentically can we move on and start writing authentic characters. The stories are already there. I am never worried about that. The method I use gives the co-creators access to techniques and tools to write believable characters. A writer can’t just stay hidden behind this or that. I literally send them out the door: “Go out and just listen to the way people talk to each other: the differences between cultures, younger and older people.” Then, we share the writing with the whole group. I try to create an environment in which you can both take and give constructive criticism, on your own writing and that of the others in the group. It’s a space where everyone participates and thinks together. 

Performance plays an important role in Gita’s teaching method: ”Only when a text is performed or recited can you find out whether the script really works. This is a tense and exciting moment, and often a big eye-opener for the participants. It adds a new dimension. You have to want to share your writing. That requirement, wanting to share your writing, is something you have to have for all your writing, really.” 

I believe that everyone has the right to a high standard of guidance mentorship. What is my story? What is language? How do I learn to communicate about language, about my story? Who decides which story is important? What actually is imagination? It’s my opinion that the right tools and knowledge for writing should be accessible to a broader group of people. People can only dare to create when they can be completely open, while at the same time feeling totally safe.. It has to rise above the personal. It takes guts, if you really want to write. The co-creators of this Writing Course have guts and more.” 

Concept and direction of the film in piece are also by Gita Hacham. Film by Vincent Bijnen. 


Marieke Stam 
To me, the writing course meant literally and figuratively making space for myself to write. It was an opportunity to receive valuable feedback from the other participants and from Gita Hacham. The end of the process was also an opportunity to make something visible on stage. 

Yvonne Saro
I enjoy books, theatre and film. Gita Hacham raises the curtain every time to help me  understand how a writer or theatre maker “seduces” the audience. Sometimes I’m also able to seduce my writing buddies! ”Writing is guts and seduction,” that's what I learned from Gita. 

Flos Rustveld
For me the writing course was enriching, confronting and emotional. 

Alex Pitstra
Gita helps me to move away from my personal experience and enter a truly creative, fictional dimension in my work as a writer. 

Els van Poppel
For me the writing course is a self-confronting activity  that, even though it can make my head hurt and sometimes gives me sleepless nights, is inspiring and challenging.  

Sheila Gogol
The diversity in the group of  age, background and methods has inspired me. I was often almost moved to tears by what the others wrote, and sometimes surprised by their reaction to my writing. We learned to reach each other with our ideas, regardless of how different they were, or maybe because they were. I would not have wanted to miss that experience and hope that we will continue for a long time.