Artist in Resident



Raised in Germany, Dayna graduated from Art EZ in the Netherlands and was selected for training in New York at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Centre and Dancespace, and in Senegal at L' École des Sables with Germaine Acogny . She has worked for AYA, Don’t Hit Mama, Herman van Veen (NL), The Next Stage Project (USA), among others. With a diverse experience in dance she is a  bridge between different cultural worlds. She interprets choreographic works by bringing extensive improvisational skills and her background in genres ranging from Ballet to Modern to Contemporary Dance and Jazz to Urban and traditional. 

Dayna’s point of departure are the traditional and autochthone dances/rhythms from, among other countries, Bolivia—her  country of birth. She is searching for connections between old and new culture, identity, ritual and transformation and  uses ‘tools’ that she, with her partner Vincent Verburg, have developed in recent years through collaborating with dancers/performers originating from Latin American, African, Indian, and European cultures. 



Friday 8 november  19.30 -  20.15 uur

With this interactive performance/installation Dayna is questioning our contemporary way of living. Speed and competition seem to be dominating our thoughts. ‘I f we could only get rid of the images we see with our eyes, we could maybe really make contact with each other’. Can authentic dance make us experience life without judgements?

The participants of MIND YOUR STEPS were given tools to create collectively. These tools were also given in individual sessions in which authenticity was the leading factor. In this method physical awareness, breathing, musicality and the discovery of what dance means to the individual are main ingredients. By rehearsals habits are replaced by new choices.



Friday 8 november   20.30 -  21.30 uur

MIND YOUR STEPS begins very close to the audience, who become part of the overall image. After this performance the audience is prepared interactively for THE ARTIST IS RESIDENT and guided to the theatre space. Subsequently, Dayna begins a journey of ritual and transformation, where identity is questioned. She is accompanied by Pablo Alanes, Roberto Callisaya and Isaac Espinoza Hidrobo.

THE ARTIST is RESIDENT is the part of this year’s residency wherein Dayna Martinez Moralez closes her eyes. Dayna encounters her Dance Authenticity throughout an  ongoing  performance and installation occurring within,  a 3x3 meter cube and accompanied by live music, digital images and sounds that were developed with international artists and performers. After the performance there will be an after-talk with Dayna, the participants and guests.

Concept & Dance: Dayna Martinez Morales Visuals & Didgeridoo, Soundscape: Pablo Alanes Percussion & Flutes: Roberto Callizaya Violin: iSaAc EH Espinoza Hidrobo Direction: Vincent Verburg Light and Technics: Gert Scheper, Petyr Veenstra, Ellen Knoops Object: Diederik Schoorl Soundscape & Co-Production: Movementalist