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Saturday 15 October 20:00

Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam: Poëzie en muziek - Andriaan van Dis, Bruno Allain, Fie Schouten, Simon Burgers

Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam offers a stage for contemporary chamber music. New compositions and leading musicians, every month in the Plein Theater on Sunday afternoons you can experience this unique concept in an intimate setting. On this edition, Adriaan van Dis and Bruno Allain read their own poems, framed by music by composer Simon Burgers performed by Fie Schouten on bass clarinet.


Sunday 23 October 15:00

Antigone van Sokofles - Studio Antigone

ANTIGONE  is based on the Greek tragedy of Sophocles, but has been given a contemporary and musical twist in this arrangement. An exciting and exciting story for young and old, it proves that Greek tragedies are by no means outdated and dusty!


Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 November in time slots from 1.5 hours from 16:00 to 20:00

ROUW - a walk along places of loss

ROUW is about loss. About that which disappears and passes. About death, but also broken relationships, lost friendships and the loss of jobs, bodies and landscapes. How do we deal with the ending? How do we make more room for grief?

With headphones on you walk through Amsterdam-East along places of loss. Listening to the stories of local residents, you come very close to the mourning practice of these Amsterdammers. ROUW is a walking audio performance about that which is no longer.


Friday 18 November 20:30

Euritmie - De Gemeeschap

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