News! // EAST& is the new Pop Up Culture House of Amsterdam East

EAST& is a new cultural platform in East Amsterdam where collaboration is key, connections are made between local residents, cultural and social offerings are made and many talented and diverse creators that the district has to offer get discoverd. A proactive and inclusive initiative that makes use of what already exists within the public space as a prominent playing field. A network organization where creators and organizations find each other. EAST& takes on a facilitating role and, together with existing partners, builds up knowledge about what is happening in the district, which organizations there are and who are the key figures in the neighborhoods. The opportunities for great collaborations are there for the taking. The inspiration is on the streets. 

EAST& facilitates collaboration between various interdisciplinary partners in Amsterdam East: visual arts, performing arts, art education, music and spoken word. It functions as a cultural hub, in other words, a way of collaborating for organizations and individuals in the district. It uses existing initiatives and places, functions as an open cultural platform and brings people and organizations together. 

  EAST& sees a role for itself in identifying creators and developing talent in the district and making them visible on the stages of Amsterdam East and beyond. With extra attention to creatives who are less able to achieve this because of their background or because they do not fit into a 'box'. It bridges the gap between creating and presenting. It gives talented creators the opportunity to experiment and try out new work in a safe environment. 

EAST& is an independently operating initiative with founding partners Framer Framed, Nowhere, Plein Theater and Rode Loper op School. 



In the media

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Oost-Online: EAST& Rightaboutnow INC @ Joris Ivensplein

Oost-Online: Muziek, spoken word en comedy op Timorplein en Javaplein


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