Give nature a voice

From 9 May to 29 May, residents of Amsterdam Oost can vote for plans that you think are good for your own neighbourhood.

Plein Theater wants to contribute to awareness about climate change and the importance of trees through art.

That is why we submitted a plan to Oost-Begroot (Theme Climate and Sustainability): From 29 June to 23 July, Plein Theater will present the installation Talking Trees, in which trees are given a voice in concerts, soundscapes and workshops. With this project we want to bring the neighborhood into contact with the beautiful trees, false Christ thorns, on the Sajetplein. And thus, create a green space in everyone's heart for the challenging choices of daily life in which sustainability needs a permanent place. Sustainability and nature, is you with everything that surrounds you, even in the middle of the city.

Talking Trees is a project in which artist Bert Barten, in collaboration with scientists, processes data and inner vibrations such as sap streams from trees into music installations and concerts. A specially developed sensor and a 360 degree infrared camera capture the vibrations of the local trees on the square and translate them into music in collaboration with other musicians.

This deep listening experience puts you in touch with the nature around you and creates an awareness that we are not alone, but that everything is alive; including the trees around you.

Workshops will also be organized for children and the elderly about trees, greenery and the relationship we have as humans with nature. The installation is open for 20 days and the activities are free to visit. An entrance fee will be charged for two live concerts, with an appropriate discount for city pass holders and local residents.

Everyone's visit and contribution will be anchored in placing trees elsewhere!

Vote for our plan and give nature a voice!

Vote here: https://oostbegroot.amsterdam.nl/oudoost/stemmen (Thema Klimaat en Duurzaamheid)

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