News! // Plein Theater is again participating in Theater Na de Dam Jong.


In 2022 we celebrate 10 years of Theater Na de Dam Jong. Youth projects are an essential part of Theater Na de Dam, which is in its 13th edition this year. Together with theater makers, youngsters delve into the history of their neighborhood during the Second World War and interview older people from the neighborhood about their memories. These conversations form the basis of the performances. Every year, almost 500 youngsters in more than 40 youth projects throughout the Netherlands are committed to making 4th of May meaningful.

Plein Theater, as a theater in Amsterdam East, in the middle of a neighborhood full of (Jewish) history and rich sources of stories, has been participating in Theater Na de Dam and the youth projects since the beginning. And commemorates and celebrates together with the neighborhood and the city. In the past two years, despite corona, we continued to do so in alternative forms. This year we will meet again in the theater for the performance 'Against the forgetting', with four young actors/musicians led by theater maker Femke Heskes!


Tegen het vergeten 

Against forgetting

You forget your keys, you forget a friend's birthday. You forget to take the laundry out of the dryer, you forget to say hello to someone.

Everyone forgets sometimes. Something small. Something of a practical nature, often it only takes a few hours before you are reminded. A small note on the fridge, a look at your agenda. Snap!

But we also forget the big things. Whole histories. The war and the people who died in it. People who have given their lives that we can now live in freedom. Why do we keep forgetting?

A picture in a book, a monument, a national commemoration. They help us remember. But those are short moments in a human life. Why do we keep forgetting?


Under the lead of theater maker Femke Heskes, youngsters from Amsterdam East immerse themselves in the history of the Second World War. Their visit to the National Holocaust Memorial of Names on Weesperstraat forms the basis for the musical performance 'Tegen het vergeten', which will be performed on 4 and 5 May at the Plein Theater.

Performers: Teuntje van Zomeren, Lis Baselier, Titus Theunissen en Olivia Smissaert.
Concept/direction: Femke Heskes
Sound: Mark Bergwerff
Contextprogram: Puck de Weerd
Production: Plein Theater
Part of: Theater Na de Dam Youngsterprojects
Made possible by: Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel Oost and AMVJ Fonds



4 May 21:00

5 May 13:00


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