News! // The 2020 Plein Theater poster series has won GOLD at the European Design Awards for the 'Poster Series' category!

The award-winning poster series consists of eight powerful images created in 2020 for the Plein Theater in corona time and are designed by Studio Matusiak.

Designer Paulina Matusiak of Studio Matusiak made these campaign images in collaboration with photographer Eddy Wenting and Plein Theater in the form of rebuses that refer to the programs and current events. She was given the artistic freedom to translate the principles of Plein Theater into powerful images that reflect our society and the zeitgeist.

The images were distributed on posters, postcards and on the online channels in corona time. The images are not only seen as advertising, but as works of art in themselves. Due to their originality and artistic quality, they catch the eye and fascinate the finder. By displaying them all over the city, we turned the poster into a podium!

What also makes the posters special is that the Plein Theater team and people connected to the Plein Theater are on the posters themselves! The attributes are upcycled from the living rooms of the 'models'.

Designer Paulina Matusiak is greatly honored with the GOLD European Design Award 2021. “In this series I decided to cast ordinary people (who work for the Plein Theater or are connected to Plein Theater) as models and not put them straight into the camera. let them look, but instead have them act as 'coat racks' for the attributes that tell the story and convey the message. Therefore, all 'models' have objects covering their eyes as an experiment to see if the absence of eye contact can have a powerful effect in a poster image.”


Posterserie: Plein Theater

Creative direction and design: Paulina Matusiak

Photography: Paulina Matusiak & Eddy Wenting




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