COVID-19 update // Corona measures PLEIN THEATER

Dear visitors of the PLEIN THEATER,

Due to the tightened measures of November 3, our theater is unfortunately closed until at least November 18. Performances that would take place will be streamed online, canceled or moved to another date. If you have a ticket you will receive an email from us about the further settlement. Our Eetlokaal will remain closed until at least mid December.

The performances from Thursday 19 November will take place in accordance with the regulations and the maximum number of people allowed. We provide the necessary hygiene and measures for a safe and pleasant visit to our theater!


Ticket sales: For a visit to the theater you can only buy a ticket online in advance. There is no ticket sales at the door prior to the performance.

Maximum number of places: You can buy a maximum of 4 tickets on the condition that the tickets are intended for persons from one common household. We ask visitors who do not come from the same household to buy tickets separately. In this way we can anticipate on the number of visitors and places.

* For youth theater performances, a difference is made between adults and children <12. The 1.5m distance rule does not apply to children, which means that there could still be a place available for a child ticket, but no longer for an adult ticket

Health check: We ask visitors the following health questions prior to the performance:

If you answer yes to any of the questions, we request that you do not come to the performance

Visitor protocol: We provide the necessary hygiene and measures for a safe and pleasant visit to our theater. Routings have been installed and there are hygiene columns in various places. At the entrance you will be welcomed by our performance coordinator. We ask you to follow the instructions of the performance coordinator.


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