Exhibitions in Plein Theater

The walls in our Eetlokaal are a stage where various artists exhibit their work!

Here you will find an overview of current visual art exhibitions and a look back at exhibitions from the past.

In our program we also regularly present opening events. These exhibits and openings are curated and presented by The Bohemian Art Collector (Cynthia Makiese). Based on contemporary issues, she aims to create a fusion of various art disciplines and the public. Encounters, collaboration and connection are central in the events.


Street Vendors: Medellín, Tirana, Johannesburg, Yogyakarta
13 July - 30 July 2021
Su Tomesen.Read more >>>
Welcome The VOID
10 June - 11 July 2021
Van de Camp & Heesterbeek | Fleur OuwerkerkRead more >>>
Trust Photo Exhibition
30 September - 15 December 2020
With works of undocumented migrants. Trust photo exhibition is a collaboration between Dorit Weintal | Trust project, Stichting Between Borders, and Plein Theater Amsterdam.Read more >>>
Technology vs Identity - Omri Bigetz
07 February - 01 April 2020
Vanaf 7 februari zal er een nieuwe expositie te zien zijn van Omri Bigetz. Het thema van deze editie is Technology vs Identity.Read more >>>
Sexual Identity - Daantje Bons
17 December - 07 February 2019
Read more >>>
Performance of the identity - Nosh Neneh
22 September - 16 November 2019
Read more >>>
Morgen ben ik hier - Pascalle van Vliet
08 June - 01 August 2019
Read more >>>
MK24, Centrum voor kunsteducatie
01 March - 31 May 2019
Read more >>>
I have a plant!
01 December - 28 February 2018
Read more >>>
De Muur
01 September - 30 November 2018
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Welcome The VOID

We are open again! In the month of June, the Plein Theater is all about celebrating the reopening of cultural institutions and the urgent need for encounters, reflection and introspection. We start on Thursday 10 June   with the exhibition opening 'Welcome The VOID', curated and presented by The Bohemian Art Collector (Cynthia Makiese). In addition to the Theater   we also reopen our renewed terrace!

'Welcome The VOID' focuses on the search for ourselves in 'out of nowhere'. Because the world had been shut down, a sort of vacuum has been created, in which we have been trapped for a long time. Many things that used to give us tools to give meaning to our own existence, and to shape our own identity, have suddenly disappeared. More than ever we have been thrown back on ourselves. Meaning and usefulness have suddenly acquired a whole new dimension.

Now we have the opportunity to redefine this ourselves.

How do you get from nothing to something ?

With this question in mind, The Bohemian Art Collector has gathered a number of interesting artists who explore this theme in all its facets in their work.

With this exhibition we celebrate the slow opening of the world. We leave the dark period behind us and welcome the sun and the light.


Fleur Ouwerkerk

"My work is a search for the connection between identity and looks.
I am inspired by people in general, I am interested in ethnicity, human behavior, body-movement, perception of beauty, beauty-ideals and eccentricity.

I identify myself with the transforming abilities of a chameleon.
If I change my look, I feel different, as if I become somebody else.
I like to become somebody else every now and then."



The works of vandeCamp&Heesterbeek start with portrait photography and end with abstraction. Portrait photo’s are carefully deconstructed and assembled back together again. The intent of the photo or the identity of the person portrayed are no longer relevant, there is only the image. As reversed painters they take out the irrelevant details of photography to get to the essence of the image.
Every once in a while a fictitious object is added. The identity and form of the person portrayed are remixed. The result are images where the black and the white live their own lives. The original portrayed persons are still recognizable but are now part of a larger whole; albeit stripped to the existential minimum in a balanced composition.