Amsterdam Talks Sex #3.1 : Myths about Gender

What is the difference between gender and sex, and how many genders and sexes are there actually? We are so used to the concept of 'man' or 'woman', but is that true?

In edition #3.1 we talk to neuroscientist Josien de Bie and chairman of Transgender Netwerk Nederland Brand Berghouwer.

Dr. Josien de Bie, scientist and professional debunker of myths about gender, obtained her MSc in Biology at the University of Groningen and her PhD at MQU Sydney on the effect of estrogen and progesterone on the brain.

dr. Josien de Bie PhD.

Dr. de Bie is a hard-core scientist who mainly does a lot of 'science' things. However, she occasionally uses her writing, singing and comedy talents to dispel harmful myths in society. With humor, weird songs but above all: hard science.

For example, she has launched a campaign to create awareness of the fact that there is no scientific basis for the concept 'being hormonal' ('Being hormonal is not a thing'), gave various performances for the MAAS museum in Sydney, science scientifically supported communication projects for secondary schools and various actions of the Sexual Welfare Foundation.


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