Public Squares and Theatre
A public square is a natural gathering place for everyone. It reflects the soul of a community and has an ever-changing daily dynamic, with both organized and ad hoc activities.

Our theatre is situated adjacent to a public square (“plein”) and was originally called “Pleintheater”. The 500 m2 theatre has a performance space and a studio, a workshop and a Café Restaurant. PLEIN THEATER is a podium for youth as well as adults, embraces social issues, views experiment with an inquisitive eye, and is connected to the dynamics of the world. We are internationally-orientated and, at the same time, a podium for neighbourhood residents, entrepreneurs and neighbourhood activities. Our Café Restaurant is also a meeting place and open for coffee, lunch and dinner. Here we combine culinary and cultural expertise, as well as exhibiting work by various artists from Amsterdam Oost.

We implement our guiding principles “quality”, “bonding”, “local/global”, and “unexpected” not only in our program and activities, but also in our Café Restaurant, outside on the square, in our collaborations and the way we operate our whole organization. 

For us quality means not only the ultimate result of the theatre product, but also applies to the production process itself. We feel that quality also involves inclusive, holistic, broad and investigative thinking and producing.

Our programming originates from those involved in our house and as well as our own involvement in the world around us.

Local = global 
Amsterdam is an international city with multicultural residents and deserves international programming for everyone who lives here, albeit permanently or temporarily. Local is global, global is local, and that’s how we view our theatre guests. 

Our guests, (neighbourhood) residents and theatre makers are given plenty of room for ad hoc activities, related to current events. Art and culture create hope, stimulate consternation and challenge opinions. Theatre makers create and present their work in surprising ways or in unexpected locations.